About us

You can read a few personal information about us & authors of this website. Also, you can read contact information and some information about our associates.

Info about us

desireName:  Desire Martinis
Nickname: desire
Occupation: web designer, photographer, blogger
Age:  32
Born:  Memphis, Tennessee, Unites States
Employment: self-employed,
Residence  Zagreb, Croatia 
Nationality:  United States
Citizenship: United States, Croatia
Contact e-mail: desire@dowithstyle.com

romanName:  Roman Valente
Nickname: roman
Occupation: blogger, a fitness trainer
Age:  26
Born:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Employment personal fitness trainer
Residence:Zagreb, Croatia 
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nationality: Croatia, Canada
Citizenship  Croatia, Canada
Contact e-mail roman@dowithstyle.com

Associates author

ass-chantalName:  Antea
Nickname: chantal
Occupation: writer, author articles
Contact e-mail:chantal@dowithstyle.com