The best female singers


Do you want to know who really is the best female singers shining star among the female performers? We conducted an analysis and weighting for those parameters for which we have concrete numerical indicators. Among the best female singers or artists – we have a winner.

best female artists

It is difficult to compare the popularity of the young rising stars and established stars that shine for years. Because of that, we had to limit choice and set a minimum age. Also, we set the maximum age. Reason? Although still shine, we believe that their popularity passed the best days.

Criteria for participation:

  • Age between 30 and 40
  • Great achievements in discography and filmography
  • Status of international stars

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. Popularity and activity on social networks
  2. Discography achievements
  3. Filmography achievements
  4. Music awards
  5. Net Worth
  6. Physical attractiveness
  7. Private life and career balance
  8. Charity work and causes

Clarification of scoring criteria

For easier understanding, we will explain you the scoring. It is expressed as a percentage. The minimum percentage of each category is 50%. Because no one is more than twice as better than another.

Average of all rated categories gives us the ultimate winner. The best female singers or the biggest shining star. So let’s start with the evaluation by selected categories.

1. Popularity and activity on social networks

I think it is not difficult to imagine how social networks contribute to popularity these days. The criterion for popularity and activity on social networks based on the number of followers on Twitter, the number of tweets and likes. It is possible that someone active on other social networks, but this is the only thing that is really accountable. And probably a fairly realistic picture of the actual situation.

ultimate stars
Katy Perry – Photo source: Reuters
Katy Perry 100%
Lady Gaga 85%
Britney Spears 75%
Shakira 72%
Pink 65%
Alicia Keys 62%
Avril Lavigne 59%
Christina Aguilera 56%
Beyonce 51%
Nelly Furtado 50%

2. Discography achievements

Discography achievements, probably the most important criteria, includes:
  • albums (studio, live, compilation, EP), singles,
  • album and single number 1 (US or UK charts),
  • conducted tours.
best female artists
Beyonce – Photo source: Getty Images
Beyonce 100%
Britney Spears 98%
Shakira 91%
Alicia Keys 79%
Lady Gaga 75%
Katy Perry 71%
Christina Aguilera 70%
Pink 64%
Avril Lavigne 51%
Nelly Furtado 50%

3. Filmography achievements

Filmography achievements is based on IMDB data and includes:
  • acting in movies (cinema, TV or voice in animation movie),
  • acting in TV series (but not herself),
  • video albums,
  • music videos.
beyonce knowles in movies
Beyonce in Austin Powers – Photo source: screenshot
Beyonce 100%
Pink 74%
Britney Spears 70%
Alicia Keys 68%
Lady Gaga 64%
Katy Perry 60%
Christina Aguilera 58%
Avril Lavigne 57%
Nelly Furtado 56%
Shakira 50%

4. Music awards

Music awards and awards nominations includes:
  • Grammy awards (wins and nominations),
  • AMAs, Billboard and Brit awards,
  • all other awards around The World,
  • all other nominations.
Beyonce – Photo source: Kevin Mazur / WireImage
Beyonce 100%
Alicia Keys 90%
Shakira 88%
Lady Gaga 79%
Avril Lavigne 63%
Katy Perry 61%
Pink 60%
Britney Spears 60%
Christina Aguilera 60%
Nelly Furtado 50%

5. Net Worth

Definition of Net Worth is very simple. Net Worth is value what you would have in cash if you sold every significant possession and paid off all of your debts.

For any celebrity, and for our future best female artists, this information can be found on the network without any problems.

lady gaga
Lady Gaga – Photo source: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
Lady Gaga 100%
Beyonce 97%
Shakira 88%
Britney Spears 78%
Christina Aguilera 71%
Alicia Keys 71%
Katy Perry 70%
Pink 67%
Avril Lavigne 54%
Nelly Furtado 50%

6. Physical attractiveness and X Factor

There is no dispute that each of them is appealing and attractive in its own way. Each of them has its own X Factor.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears – Photo source: Getty Images
Britney Spears 100%
Beyonce 93%
Christina Aguilera 89%
Pink 89%
Katy Perry 86%
Shakira 86%
Nelly Furtado 82%
Alicia Keys 79%
Avril Lavigne 68%
Lady Gaga 50%

But we are not all the same. Not to mention the height and body figure. Although beauty is in the eye of the observer, though some of them have a slightly higher wind in the back. It is obvious, they know how to use its advantages.

7. Private life and career balance

How are these big stars have managed to balance between private life and career, we have measured using data such as:

  • age and career length,
  • marital status (negative points for divorce),
  • a number of children.

It turned out that the one who sings that she’s the craziest one (loca), actually doing better than everyone else.

Shakira – Photo source: Splash News
Shakira 100%
Alicia Keys 95%
Pink 83%
Beyonce 83%
Nelly Furtado 80%
Britney Spears 80%
Christina Aguilera 70%
Lady Gaga 60%
Katy Perry 50%
Avril Lavigne 50%

8. Charity work and causes

It is very difficult to measure someone’s humanitarian contribution.

We used the page Look to the stars (The Worlds of celebrity giving). It provides us numbers about charities and causes that somebody supports.

Katy Perry charities and causes
Katy Perry – Photo source: Getty Images
Katy Perry 100%
Pink 95%
Beyonce 95%
Christina Aguilera 92%
Alicia Keys 91%
Avril Lavigne 70%
Lady Gaga 70%
Britney Spears 67%
Shakira 56%
Nelly Furtado 50%

The best female shining star

We have reached the end of our journey to find the best female singers or the best female shining star. It remains only to check all the results and announce the winner. This time we did not use any algorithm. We just added up the percentages of all eight categories and expressed them as – percentages.

1. Beyonce

best female artists
Photo source: Getty Images

2. Alicia Keys

alicia keys
Photo source: rnbjunk.com

3. Shakira

Photo source: Matthew Rolston

4. Britney Spears

britney spears
Photo source: Getty Images

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Photo source: Wikicommons

6. Pink

Photo source: Joe Scarnici/Getty

7. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Photo source: Shutterstock

8. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
Photo source: Getty Images

9. Avril Lavigne

Photo source: Skins.be

10. Nelly Furtado

Photo source: Aaron Settipane