The Black Pearl is an unusual motorcycle


This steampunk motorcycle created the Dutch builder and a great fan of motorcycles René van Tuil. He created it with a little help from his friends from motorcycle shop Revatu Customs. In the motorcycle world, Rene is known for his unconventional motorcycles. Definitely, this is one of his craziest creations so far.

black pearl
Photo source: MarcQuinlivanPhotography

black pearl ship
Photo source: Pirates of the Caribbean screenshot

The name of this bike is Black Pearl. Very proper name for an unusual motorcycle in black color. Somehow you know this name? The bike was named after the Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean. On this picture, you can see the ship Sunset which plays ship Black Pearl. It is not surprising that motorcycle The Black Pearl was unveiled at the Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, Holland, next to a poster of Captain Jack Sparrow.

To create this steam motorcycle builders took eight months. The result of this work is this stunning motorcycle. The look is exactly what belongs to a lovely steam motorcycle. There is a crankshaft turns the back wheel, gauges, steam-powered horn, bell, drum brake, and classic colors of a vintage steam locomotive. We would say that this is real fancy look with a lot of cool details.

Photo source: Revatu Customs

There is no dispute that there is no excessive use value. However, this unique steam motorcycle represents the pinnacle of human creativity. And it does not hurt that it is nice to see. Especially for fans of two wheels.

There is no official technical description. No mention of horsepower, torque or weight figures. This motorcycle that reminds of a steam locomotive is ideal for a leisurely ride and enjoy the natural environment. It can not achieve high speed. The maximum speed is 5 mph (8 km per hour).