Meet Darci Lynne – the most talented person in the USA


Finally, we can say that it is officially. We have the most talented person in United States for 2017. It’s 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer. This highly talented singing ventriloquist won the $ 1 million grand prize by winning the America’s Got Talent show.

Her, we can say without exaggeration, the planetary popularity was rewarded with the performance at Ellen DeGeneres Show. In fact, it is more precise that Ellen and all of us was rewarded and honored by her performance on the show.

Congratulations, Darcy. She did so well. I cannot believe she can sing with her mouth closed. It was amazing to watch all her acts! It’s really hard to have even one character (plus yourself) and it takes years of practice to handle two characters. And 12 year old girl just came here and did it.

This is real talent here. I wish we could see more people like this in show business. No matter the age, race or gender, it’s people like this that should be the ones to shine in the public eye around the world. Go Darci – go Darci.